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“As part of our ongoing effort to continually evaluate and enhance the customer experience on IMDb, we have decided to disable IMDb’s message boards on February 20, 2017. After in-depth discussion and examination, we have concluded that IMDb’s message boards are no longer providing a positive, useful experience for the vast majority of our more than 250 million monthly users worldwide. Because IMDb’s message boards continue to be utilized by a small but passionate community of IMDb users, we announced our decision to disable our message boards on February 3, 2017 but will leave them open for two additional weeks so that users will have ample time to archive any message board content they’d like to keep for personal use.” – IMDB Douche.

I have been using IMDB on a daily basis for roughly 15 years and frequently peruse the message boards for insights, opinions and otherwise on movies and actors et cetera to broaden my perspective. With this announcement by IMDB I am left with conflicting feelings over the decision, but none of them are good as I feel this is an indicator of where genuine public feedback is ranked among corporate interests. As pathetic as this may seem, there is a darker side to it which should be familiar to anyone raised with an awareness of the mechanics of fascism / Nazi Germany. Censorship is a big factor in controlling the populace which is likely the motivator here by IMDB and the interests it represents. What the message boards allow are a free exchange of ideas and critiques amongst passionate advocates of what is supposed to be fun, lighthearted entertainment so why make this move now? Today, in the case of movies anyway, we are seeing a massive upswell in the financial efforts behind marketing and advertising increasingly poor quality products in hopes of big returns opening weekends. These big returns can then be used as advertising for the next weekend and so on up until the blu-ray or whatever medium they are backing these days. The facts are, despite reporting record profits, the corporate movie industry isn’t very healthy in any sense of the word. Plots are derivative, special effects – particularly CGI seems to have stopped evolving somewhere around 2004, actors are bland yet with heavily controlled images and no longer rely on public popular opinion to make them stars. They come pre-packaged and pre-sold to audiences with little regard for any actual appeal beyond being heavily, heavily advertised as being appealing. CGI muscles, CGI removed wrinkles, blemishes, tears, sweat and pretty much anything resembling humanity are turning celebrities into little more than standups who do, go and say only as they are told. That isn’t a blanket statement of course but regardless, the great thing about IMDB was it was a place you could go to discuss these people frankly and that’s what made it the great website it was. It was a community of movie lovers, people with considered opinions and ideas who were willing to share and to listen, refute and argue but ultimately discuss which is the tenet of any free society, be it digital or actual. And therein lies the threat…objective, reasoned or even new opinions serve as counter-programming, anti-marketing, anti-carefully created images and apparently it was becoming quite a substantial one because it doesn’t make sense to me any other way. The idea here seems to be there is only one acceptable opinion of things and it will be told to you and accepted without discussion because no discussion is allowed, on IMDB anyway…


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