Those that run the world aren’t very smart.

I have a lot of thoughts on this so please forgive the disjointed nature of this piece. I feel I just need to get it out and, ultimately, so I can say I was involved and I tried to do my part to help.

“Greed is a deadly disease and needs to be treated at such.”

What I believe is the main problem amongst the ranks of those with their boots on the planet’s throat is a general lack of talent. The workings of the world are in the paws of a bunch of marginally talented business people (marginally equals completely ruthless and shameless) who have banded together and work to not only block the ascension of talented people but to stop any real progress on any front.    So as things trickle down, this system uses the talentless but ambitious, unable to succeed on a level playing field they’ve convinced themselves they’re ruthlessness is a strength as opposed to a weakness. These are its administrators, our world’s political and lower tier business leaders, our media personalities, our stars and still, somehow, our religious leaders. the untalented like to keep untalented in positions of influence. Using their leverage instead of talent to generate wealth but what happens to those talented and without leverage? Where have their opportunities gone?

“There are limits to our knowledge and limits to what we can control.”

Illegitimate influence, I don’t call it power because we all choose to participate, leads to paranoia hence the rising, and quite pathetic police state. This is normalized via the ever pervasive media and the press monkeys with the increasingly daunting task of keeping us distracted. Major issues are handled with smug smiles and attempts at humor wherein we confuse the pointing out of our systems flaws with action. We believe awareness equates resistance which leads to change which is a fallacy; action equals resistence. We are the money sponges ever being squeezed by the untalented ‘delite’. Trying to achieve a balance between generating wealth to siphon / tax but not allowing us to generate too much wealth as to be able to gain / purchase influence that would threaten their system. This is how the status quo stays quo as the system generally gets shittier for the rest of us. Otherwise it would leave no place for them except perhaps servants, pouting on the sidelines and feeling sorry for themselves, bitter at their lack of entitlement and plotting in dark corners for ways to change the system. As most of us are now, though in this instance we are right. This world isn’t sustainable and that’s simply the product and ambition of a rational mind.

“You can’t adequately rule humans unless you are one.”

How does the will of one small but very damaged group cause the whole world to move? Economy, religion, nationalism all glorified and deemed necessary by relentless propaganda. I imagine the biggest attraction to them is the lack of accountability. Think about how you would act if you thought you could get away with pretty much anything. Everything comes down to feelings. We act on how we feel about things, whether as a microbe or a douche bag CEO. We all do what we believe makes us feel good. So, therefore, feelings rule the world. Those who feel the worst have the most influence. Those who are least incapable of controlling and managing their feelings have their hands on the planet’s tiller. And for an insight to their mental state, take a look at their actions. Not too good. Not that they necessarily love war, but they do love the wealth it generates. The intellectually unarmed fear those who are armed. Another reason they turn to the gun, dead people can’t make you feel stupid.

“If you stop playing the game, the game ends right?”

Why do we collaborate? As well as the afore mentioned tenets of society I think it’s partially to do with the ingrained yet highly dubious idea of an afterlife.  It makes us feel there will be justice somewhere but only after were dead while we spend the only conscious experience we are guaranteed watching as the world is manipulated by lame people serving their only demented urges. Living as though dying will gain us access into some vaguely defined paradise is cowardly and irresponsible. It makes it worse and along this path we only guarantee the future will be worse for those like us. The paradise we seek will only exist if we create it now as this is likely the only interactive reality experience we will have. There is no winning or losing, it’s about living and how you choose to. We all die, that’s not a choice but how we live is.






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