The National Hockey League

On Monday April 18 in Philadelphia, during a playoff game between the Flyers and Washington Capitals the referee decided to give the home team a penalty on behalf of the audience. Now, I’m an admitted hockey fan, I like the sport and grew up in, arguably the golden age of the professional North American game, during the 1980’s and 90’s. Golden not only because of the on ice talent, Gretzky, Lemieux, Roy, Bourque, Yzerman, Jagr, Messier, Lemieux again, I could literally go on, but won’t because it was also a time when the game was become accessible to the broad audience it’s currently alienating. Assessing an entire arena – 18,506 customers, paying premium ticket prices – a bench minor for delay of game. This also just in, the NHL has approved an expansion team for Las Vegas. I do believe this is end of the fastest game on ice (tm, copyright, etc…) as once an entity loses credibility (see McDonald’s) there is nowhere for it to go but down.


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