I’m sure it did! Sidney Crosby

*(this is a new but intended to be regular format in which I analyze a popular media story. ‘I’m Sure it did!’ does reflect the intention of refuting the content therein).

Last night in the National Hockey League the Pittsburgh Penguins played the Columbus Blue Jackets. The game was much like the Penguins season and a strong reflection on their captain Sidney Crosby. Now I’m not a Sidney Crosby fan for several reasons, sure he’s got good hands and makes interesting scoring opportunities but he’s got a lousy attitude. For all his acclaim and his being the face of the modern NHL by virtue of being league Commissioner Gary Bettman’s pet insert crass euphemism here. In other words I call this favouritism and I don’t like it and see it as having a bad impact on the league nevermind his team. Why isn’t the team around the, sigh, “Best Player in the World” tm, copyright, suspect fact better? How does a team like this middle around the standings (as of this writing they are 7th in Eastern Conference)? They are fresh young talent, or were, with definite makings of a juggernaut so what happened? Back to last night’s game, Sidneys been in bit of a slump lately or as I see it his gradual decline which is fine, it happens, but if only the hype would follow! His frustration became evident when he of the golden fists dropped the mittens with his nemesis Brandon Dubinsky. It wasn’t a great fight but anyone taking the time to swing at SC will get my attention these days. In a post game interview that was in no way coached (long, slow wink) Brandon referred to Crosbag with odd respect given the way he plays against his and as “…arguably, the best in the world.” I love that line. Dubinsky, who later on would go on to score the game winning goal after blown coverage by SC, arguably became my, new favourite hockey player.