What if you’re all just being Used – Box Office Mojo?

So we’re in a downward slide of movie attendance and despite all the price jacking the financials are finally representing this. I see this as a positive development, people are speaking out with the loudest voice they have; their wallets.  They’ve been burned enough by empty, false advertising and have finally learned Hollywood hates them, but it loves their money. I see this as a positive development and let me explain why. Firstly it’s because I love movies and the act of buying reviews through bribery via screening passes or set visits only cheapens the medium. It is proof that studios, or whomever is behind this horrible stretch of main-stream movies, are hedging their bets on making all their money on opening weekend. This is effective, sadly or used to be, two-fold. 1) it avoids negative word of mouth that will inevitably spread and 2) They can use the ‘big opening weekend numbers’ to further advertise the movie as to why you should go see it. Interesting right? Lie through anyone’s teeth you can con via a meet and greet party with celebre du jour, spread these lies far and wide and watch that opening weekend moolah rrrroll in. Then use this essentially conned money to further tout your piece of crap movie as watchable merely because of its massive cume. They’ll even go further to invest and infest benign looking message boards with their bullshit opinions where they mainly attack anyone with a conflicting or honest opinion as being ‘haters’ or ‘trolls’ et cetera. Do you see what I mean? This has reached a crescendo this year and I think we’re about to see the waters recede here but what lies beneath is the question. A return to talent supported film making? Honest reviews? One can dream and I do. More on this to come!