Tiered Movie Reviews

August: Osage County (2013) Director : John Wells. Written by : Tracy Letts (based on her play) Stars : Meryl Streep, Julie Roberts, Margo Martindale, Juliette Lewis, Abigail Breslin, Julianne Nicholson, Misty Upham, Sam Shepard, Chris Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ewan McGregor, Dermot Mulroney. Length : 121 minutes.

What’s it about? A dysfunctional family reunites when the patriarch dies suddenly leaving them to deal with an unhinged mother, their extended family, secrets finally come to light and ultimately the people they have allowed themselves to become.

Tiera – A great ensemble acting piece in the truest sense. I wouldn’t normally name all the actors but they all get their scenes and moments to shine. An effective look at a disfunctional family and how it’s member are saddled with it’s effects. All eyes turn to t

Tiere – This is the ultimate Oscar movie, it’s your favourite celebrities doing the parts they do best, great and fun to watch performances with a few surprises namely Julia Roberts and Benedict Cumberbatch. The former actually turns in a performance worthy of accolade for once and the latter, just keeps on surprising with his diversity and ability to do the most with what he’s given. It’s gripping and rewarding to watch and as it’s based on a successful Broadway play it’s a more accessible option to a story that gives everyone who’s seen it something to talk about for quite awhile. Bit of romance, lot’s of heartache, some solid laughs, a few cringes and a very honest look at a family who you may be unsettled to admit reminds you of your own in some strange ways.

Tiero – May find it a bit of a slog but if you’re forced to watch it with your parents instead of doing something fun on Saturday night there are a few interesting bits. Some pervy May – October type flirting, a rebelliously cool 14 year-old who smokes openly, a cool car, drug / sex / alcohol references, some great tunes (if you like early Clapton particularly) and a good handling of a bad guy.


Tiered Movie Reviews

Martin and Lewis (2002) Stars: Sean Hayes (Jerry), Jeremy Northam (Dean-o) Director: John Gray Writer: John Gray and Arthur Marx.

Tiera – Subtley of Sean Hayes performance. Decent overview for anyone familiar with the duo. Also bit of an inight into the power brokers of the eras entertainment. Interesting how the class of the backers affects the class of the acts. That sends some interesting messages about who’s footing the bills these days.

Tiere – It’s based on a book – ‘Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime (Especially Himself)’ – written by the son of Groucho Marx! Sean Hayes made this during his very popular run as Jack on Will & Grace. He shows off some decent acting chops. The story gives a nice glimpse as the budget allows of the era. Big bands, live shows and loose fitting suits.

Tiero – Catchy songs, funny recreation of comedy bits.